Pre sales support
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Pre sales support
1, free of charge to provide technical solutions for customers. To provide customers with the best processing plan, including machine tool selection and configuration, efficient processing technology, tool selection, cutting parameters, parts working hours, chuck selection and other services.
2, the whole process of tracking, answering the problems encountered by the customers in the use of equipment, providing full range of technical services and support for customers.
3, free of charge for customer operators to provide training. The training contents include machine tool operation, programming, maintenance and so on, so as to ensure the skilled use of machine tools.
4, provide free machine installation and commissioning for the customer, by the new Ankai Corporation engineers in the transportation of customers designated place, in accordance with the new product acceptance specifications for installation of Ankai door for customers to provide on-site installation and testing machine operation, to ensure that customers purchase the products can be directly used, and complete machine inspection confirmation service.

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