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New nk CNC slitting automatic lathes (CNC trying) configuration more specifications of the motor and synchronous rotating guide sleeve design, can strong supporting artifacts, improve processing rigidity, ensure the machining accuracy and repeat precision; The machine tool is equipped with transverse and back end power tools.    
Such machine tools should have the following main features:
1. Powerful cyclone milling ability: for the bone screw, screw, worm, screw type parts, it is necessary to process high-precision spiral groove, and the surface roughness of the spiral groove needs to reach ra0.8mm.
Need for machine tool motion method, high accuracy and good dynamic stability thread SX325 CNC go all through the lateral dynamic part of the add a whirlwind milling tool, transverse dynamic tool through the cutterhead drive hard alloy cutter high-speed rotation (main), machine tool spindle drive artifact slow rotation (auxiliary), Z1 shaft according to workpiece pitch or lead along the workpiece axis movement (feed movement), a whirlwind milling X1 motion (cutting movement) high efficiency machining high precision helical groove.
2. High rigidity car and milling composite processing capacity:
Graph one for applications in communications, household appliances, electronics, toys and other industries of large diameter specifications of parts and components, complex process, high accuracy, require complex machining of vehicles, milling and turning, SX325 CNC go all powerful cars, milling, can processing to size. Traditional processing method is to use numerical control lathe or milling machine, drilling machine, machining center machine tools, working procedure processing is completed, the equipment quantity of demand, the production efficiency is low, the machining precision of workpiece parts after the second clamping is difficult to guarantee.
Graph one: communication, household appliances, electronics, toys industry typical parts (32 mm diameter in 20 to Ф Ф)
SX325 turning, milling, CNC go all have high rigidity with one time clamping can achieve high stiffness of car cylindrical workpiece, endface, thread, cutting groove, cut off and the horizontal milling, drilling, tapping and end face and cut off after the back end of drilling, tapping, boring and other composite processing capacity.
3. Processing power of precision slender shaft parts:
FIG. 2 is a high precision and slender shaft in hydraulic, auto parts, medical, aviation, aerospace and optical industries.
Figure 2: hydraulic, auto parts, medical, aviation, aerospace, optical industry's typical parts (32 mm diameter in 20 to Ф Ф)
It is very difficult to process the slender shaft parts with long/diameter ratio over 6, and the precision and efficiency are difficult to guarantee. New nk CNC slitting automatic lathes (CNC walk all) because the unique processing technology such as high-speed synchronous guide bush, workpiece and cutting tool parts always supported by guide sleeve, so that can be easily processed in diameter from 5 ~ 32 mm, length within 280 mm ultra slender shaft parts.
4. Double spindle design of the back processing and synchronous processing after cutting:
Center for workpiece cutting back face no convex-concave defect or slender shaft parts need principal, vice principal axis clamping synchronous rotation of machining parts, as well as the need to cut surface milling, drilling, boring, tapping processing parts, such as double spindle machines can be fully competent. In addition, the main/auxiliary spindle can be controlled simultaneously or independently.
The two models identified are both high-end models with the above functions.
5. Automatic blanking of raw materials and finished products:
When feeding through configuration bar feeder, material by configuring short/long after device, the machine can realize one operator, more care mode of "one more machine", to improve the automation degree of equipment, save human resource for firms to help a lot.
In addition, the "numerical control longitudinal cutting automatic lathe (CNC centrifuge)" high-grade model also has the following outstanding characteristics:
1) multi-motor shaft linkage interpolation function: to effectively improve the processing efficiency and meet the processing of complex parts;
2) high-speed synchronous rotary guide sleeve: to meet the requirements of high speed processing;
3) have high precision: to be qualified for the precision of parts, such as aviation, precision instrument and communication equipment.
The new ankai numerical control longitudinal cutting automatic lathe (CNC centrifuge) has the following technical advantages:
1) the trend of using high speed built-in electric spindle is becoming more and more obvious. The maximum speed of spindle has reached 12,500 revolutions per minute.
2) the speed/position loop feedback adopts new elements such as built-in high resolution grating or magnetic, which has higher control precision of rotary and feedback.
3) in the case of double spindle structure, complete sequence processing is completed at one time, reducing the efficiency and precision of the workpiece due to secondary clamping, and improving the machining efficiency.
More than 4) multi-axis control and multi-axis linkage technologies to promote the ability of the machine tool manufacturing complicated parts and machining efficiency, machine tool control shaft number seven axis, the number of power tools and power tools together for more than 20.
5) rich automation configuration, realize the goal of one person's much machine operation management, in addition to the traditional bar conveyor, chip removal device thereof, such as long/short workpiece material work-piece receiver, automatic instrument against the knife, intelligent identification, workpiece automatic popup inspection and testing system of tool breakage have been successful in the product application, has realized the raise the level of machine tool automation level and monitoring devices.
New nk CNC slitting automatic lathes (CNC trying) adopt the whole bed, double spindle for layout, C axis dividing CS control mode, fully enclosed protection, mechanical and electrical integration, linear feed shaft LM rolling guide rail, high-speed built-in motorized spindle and high resolution feedback encoder and a series of advanced structural design; Servo interpolation 22 the axis number seven axis, all kinds of cutting tool type (including the power tool, 11), with the parts on a clamping of composite processing ability and has the function of automatic up/down material parts. New ankai numerical control longitudinal cutting automatic lathe (CNC centrifuge) main outsourcing kit all adopt foreign famous brand high-precision products to ensure its high performance and high quality. In addition, the new nk CNC slitting automatic lathes (CNC trying) structure in improving the precision and accuracy stable under great kung fu, such as ball screw, linear rolling guide, main shaft bearing, etc., call parameter calculation, strictly control the assembly process.
New nk CNC slitting automatic lathes (CNC trying) with functions of milling, multi-axis control, four axis linkage, double spindle opposed layout, the processing cutting tool, more aesthetically pleasing and adopts a series of advanced technology and the structure, high speed, precise high-grade CNC vertical cutting and milling composite automatic lathe.
The following processing functions should be met:
1) be competent to process the external round, drilling, boring, car end face, car thread, cutting, cutting, tapping and other processes of the parts.
2) the rotary power tool with horizontal and vertical layout and the rotating power tool of the auxiliary spindle shall have the ability of milling (such as keyway, plane, curved contour, etc.); After the parts are cut off, the auxiliary shaft can be used to grab the parts and complete the backside drilling, boring, milling and eccentric machining of the cutting surface of the parts.
3) equipped with automatic feeder, long/short piece feeder and other automatic devices to realize the complete machining and one-person operation of the parts, and the "one-man multi-machine" target of multiple nursing care.

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