After-sale service
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Pre-sale service

 > Provide lathe model options for customer and introduction about features and advantages of every model. Recommend most fitting model for customer of a most cost-efficient plan.

> Provide the most professional technology analysis, solve problems of which the customers encountered in the production, let customers worry-free.When necessary We will assist clients to finish samples when it’s necessary.

After-sale service

We will provide free installation, training service after the purchase for customers in order to manage the machine and put on production rapidly.


Dear customers:

Before our engineers arrive at your company for installation and debugging services, please get ready for the following preparations, so that our engineers can smoothly and efficiently get into work after arrival.

1. Prepare three-phase 380V power supply and ground wire, and lead them to a position beside the machine tool to be mounted through a 2.5mm2 wire, so that our engineers can connect them to the machine tool after arrival, to supply power to the machine tool.

2. Prepare 0.5mpa atmospheric pressure necessary for normal operation of the machine tool, connect it to a position beside the machine tool through a φ8 air pipe.

3. Prepare cutting oil (such as ROSS pure cutting oil A12) sufficient for the machining process of precision automatic lathe.

4. Prepare machine tool lubricating oil (such as ROSS A32).

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