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SC385 five axle vehicle milling complex center

  • Model: SC385
  • Location: CHINA SHANDONG
  • Brand: Xinankai
  • Update time: 2018/1/24

SC385 five axle vehicle milling complex center

  1. Detail

High intelligent era, high speed and high precision, 5 axis CNC Slitting Lathe, national high-tech enterprise, acquire a number of product patents  4 back rotating tool, can machine end face drill off center hole, tapping, end face contour milling and other functions, tool post module, standard interface design, can be according to the customer's product requirement, rotating tool can replace fixed tool freely, disassembly and installation is simple and convenient, customer can operate on their own.To ensure that every unit Sowin CNC lathe to achieve the highest precision accuracy standard, stability and retention, production links from bed casting structure to key spare parts cleaning before assembly. precision components constant temperature dust-free assembly, using industry advanced production technology, to show excellent performance of Lathe.

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