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bone nail processing SWISS CNC MACHINE

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  • Location: CHINA SHANDONG
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  • Update time: 2018/1/24

Special SWISS CNC MACHINE for bone nail processing

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The company acquired a full set of technology from HJM in Korea. In the series of products, there are both universal single-spindle and three-axis three-linkage control universal CNC turning and milling lathe automatic lathes. Also there are double-spindle and seven-axis four-linkage high- Compound automatic lathe, to the greatest extent possible to meet the different needs of users.
Bone nail processing special heart machine products are particularly suitable for large quantities of high-precision, complex small and medium parts processing industries such as automotive, electronics, telecommunications, IT industry, medical, aviation, military, hardware, machinery and hydraulic fittings, Material diameter 38mm, can achieve 24 hours unattended production.
The machine adopts advanced CNC system, high-speed built-in spindle and built-in high-resolution encoder, combined with a reasonable layout, high-quality parts (such as bearings, ball screws, linear guides are imported brand name products) Manufacturing, factory inspection using advanced foreign standards, the product reached the international advanced level.
High-tech, high starting point, high quality is the eternal pursuit of Xinancairen. Xinancairen insists on the principle of "quality first, service efficient and determined to open up", and we sincerely cooperate with our customers.

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