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How does a small numerical control walk machine work?

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Many people are familiar with the use and coding procedures of small CNC walking machine, but the principle of CNC walking machine is not very clear. In order to enable you to better grasp the relevant knowledge, I would like to give you a brief introduction today.

Is the principle of small numerical control walking machine the same as that of traditional CNC machine tools?

Small numerical control walking machine, especially in the process of machining precision cylindrical small parts, is more than the ordinary numerical control lathe. Compared with the ordinary lathe, the internal tool moves inside and outside the Z axis, but the material is transported to the spindle control box. The special spring collet in the control box is fixed to move the material back and forth. This principle, to a great extent, determines the high efficiency of the NC walking machine.

Analysis of the specific principle of NC walking machine:

After the detailed analysis of all small CNC go is actually material into the spindle by the spindle box, you can use a pre installed guide sleeve to fixed function, so as to achieve the general NC machine tool can do for material about mobile X axis and Y axis direction and a series of precision processing, can do a lot of material for the production of one-time molding.

In the introduction of new small CNC take pains, not only need to please professional skilled personnel to operate CNC machine go, also must ensure that the relevant personnel should fully understand the operation of new equipment instructions on the use of the product, because many workers are mostly from the technical experience, only fully understand the instructions to the scientific use of NC more reasonable, take pains.

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