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The new CNC machine tool business network strong join Anyka docking Internet Era

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In the past twenty years of commercialization, Internet technology has written an unprecedented rate of changing the world's industrial legends and entrepreneurial life. With the rapid development of the Internet today, "Internet plus" has become the new normal development of the manufacturing industry. The State encourages innovation, advocating "Internet plus", has brought important opportunities to the manufacturing enterprise. To win the initiative in the Internet era, the new Shandong Ankai CNC Machine Tool Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "new Ankai CNC") to choose China machine business network top member, and strong in Web Intelligent mall, with the hope that Chinese machine business network the good help open more Internet market.

Shandong Ankai CNC Machine Tool Co. Ltd. Shandong new Ankai group under a high starting point, high-tech enterprises. The group company is a large enterprise which integrates mechanical manufacturing, automobile die-casting, aluminum industry, pipe industry, finance, real estate and catering.  Our company is committed to cutting CNC lathe milling complex machine design and development, manufacturing and production. The company acquired a full set of Technology South Korea HJM company, the existing single spindle, three axis linkage control of the three universal CNC vertical lathe milling complex machine series products; also have high-grade CNC lathe milling complex machine double spindle, seven axis linkage four, to the maximum extent to meet the needs of different users. The products are especially suitable for the processing of large quantities, high accuracy and complex parts in automobile, electronics, communication, IT industry, medical, military, aviation, hardware, machinery and hydraulic fittings industry.

At present, with the rapid development of the Internet today, the new NC machine tool China Ankai choose to cooperate with the business network wants to use the power of the Internet, expand market share. The choice of China CNC machine tool Ankai new business network is based on the website in the field of machine tool professional and authoritative considerations. This year is the first year of the new CNC machine tool Chinese Ankai cooperation and business network, a year of mutual support and common development.

In the future, Demas Binna will continue to line up the line and continue to provide users with satisfactory products and services.

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