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The new features of Ankai take pains

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New feature: new Ankai Ankai take pains take pains NC introduction of foreign technology, specializing in the production of high-end CNC machine products go, high rigidity, good stability

1, high rigidity: the whole machine is slightly heavier, which is embodied in the body casting wall thickness, the span of the guide rail, etc. the rigidity and expansibility of the machine tool are strong, heavy cutting is superior to other machine tools, and has obvious advantages in processing steel, alloy steel, stainless steel material and so on.

2, high stability: guide and span widened, the main brake / countershaft after indexing locking device, improves the stability of workpiece.

3. The FANUC - a series of the lateral dynamic tool motor and feed motor is superior to the beta series.


1) the alpha series is the highest FANUC motor, and its precision, performance and life are better than the beta series.

2) there is no temperature detection in the beta series motor. The motor and the system will be damaged when the temperature of the motor increases continuously when the load is continuous or the load is large.

3) our main shaft, servo amplifier using alpha series (FANUC, with the highest) and spindle, transverse amplifier is split, beta series as the economic type amplifier, the price is lower than the alpha series, and the main shaft, transverse amplifier is an integral type, in the late maintenance and replacement in all the replacement and maintenance costs should be higher than the beta series our company are equipped with alpha motor SM205. The torque of the alpha motor, the precision of feedback, the resolution of the encoder, and the current detection are much stronger than the beta motor.

4, high speed, high precision and high efficiency: the best tool layout is controlled by high speed arithmetic operation, so that the tool changing time is the shortest and the best location is achieved at the same time, and the auxiliary time is reduced to the shortest.

5, high configuration: the most concentrated functional components, multi axis rich tool configuration, and standard power tools, which greatly widened the processing scope and met the complex machining of complex parts.

6, convenient operation space: convenient operation space, easy to change knife, vertical downward tool can get the best chip.

7, high flexibility: it can be realized with or without guide bushing interchangeability, power tools can be equipped with quick change thread whirlwind milling, power head, VDI cutter, chip remover, oil mist collector, wire extrusion wheel, high pressure pump and other devices.

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